A Woman in Quarantine

I love women’s health. I actively schedule quarterly Saturday clinics that are comprised of only women’s physicals. Pap smears, breast exams, vaccines, etc.

I love women’s health because…well…I’m a woman…duh. Ha ha!

But I actually love women’s health because I find that women tend to place their own health on the back burner because “life gets in the way”. So, as a provider, I’m telling these women to pause life just for a split second and think about themselves.

When I ask my patients when was their last pap smear and/or mammogram, they sometimes laugh and say, “Oh gosh. I don’t remember. I’m way overdue.” Then they have numerous, but justifiable, reasons as to why their personal health was pushed back.

So, I schedule another appointment to get this done. By doing this, I’m telling them that their health is important so that they can perform their daily tasks.

And what better time to think about your overall health as a woman than during quarantine?

Esther was placed in quarantine.

King Xerxes was looking for a new queen and required that virgin women were brought to the palace so that he could choose a new queen.

Did you know that Esther had to endure 12 months of beauty treatments? Yep, 12 months! She had to have 6 months of oil of myrrh and 6 months with perfumes and cosmetics. For 12 months, she had to think about her own health so that she would be favored and chosen by the king.

I’d certainly enjoy 12 months of pampering!

And yes, she did become queen.

But let’s look at the bigger picture. Esther became queen but the king didn’t realize that she was a Jew. Then, Haman, a royal official, plotted to kill all of the Jews in that area.

When Esther became aware of this, she approached the king. But she didn’t just approach him secretly in their bedroom or in his private study. No. She dared to walk into his inner court without being invited, a crime punishable by death.

But the king was so enthralled by Esther that he welcomed her with open arms and told her that she could ask for anything and he’d give it to her. So she did.

Although the king couldn’t stop the order already in place, he added a new order. He allowed the Jews to arm themselves and defend themselves from any enemy against them.

They were victorious.

God quarantined Esther for a bigger purpose.

God quarantined Esther to save His people.

Why is God quarantining you? What is He preparing you for?

Much like asking my patients to pause life and get their pap smears done, I’m asking you to pause life and truly quarantine. Stop. Think. Listen. Pray.

Stop. Take a few moments for yourself.

Think. Consider what God is trying to tell you, show you, or ask of you.

Listen. When that little voice nudges you into the next project, adventure, or career, just listen.

Pray. Pray for obedience. Pray for Esther’s bravery to step into an inner court and do God’s will.

Stop. Think. Listen. Pray. Because your quarantine may be preparation for something magnificent.

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