A Woman in Quarantine

I love women’s health. I actively schedule quarterly Saturday clinics that are comprised of only women’s physicals. Pap smears, breast exams, vaccines, etc. I love women’s health because…well…I’m a woman…duh. Ha ha! But I actually love women’s health because I find that women tend to place their own health on the back burner because “lifeContinue reading “A Woman in Quarantine”


After many weeks of quarantine, I think we’ve all been experiencing a little cabin fever. We’re ready to dine at a restaurant, go shopping, spend time with friends, and take a family vacation. But we’re stuck. We go to bed after another day of equivalent fractions, messy meals, and stopping fights between children, only toContinue reading “Trapped”

Quarantine Survival

Quarantine. Just a few weeks ago, some of us dreamed of our own private quarantine in paradise. A dream of isolation, peace, sunshine, the sound of crashing waves, and a good book. Now, quarantine has transformed into isolation for an unknown period of time. A time period without pay, without proper education, and spreading illness.Continue reading “Quarantine Survival”