Essential workers are called heroes. We are on the frontlines of COVID-19, attempting to detect and treat patients who are infected, risking exposure to the virus. But there are many times when we don’t feel like heroes. When a patient dies, we feel that we’ve failed them. And when a patient survives but had toContinue reading “Heroism”

Laughter is the Best Medicine

People love hearing funny medical stories. With all of the stress from COVID19, I thought I’d share a few funny stories that have either occurred to me or to one of my colleagues. For simplicity, all of this will be written in the first person. During a rectal exam, someone farted in my face. DuringContinue reading “Laughter is the Best Medicine”

A Woman in Quarantine

I love women’s health. I actively schedule quarterly Saturday clinics that are comprised of only women’s physicals. Pap smears, breast exams, vaccines, etc. I love women’s health because…well…I’m a woman…duh. Ha ha! But I actually love women’s health because I find that women tend to place their own health on the back burner because “lifeContinue reading “A Woman in Quarantine”


My website has reached 500 hits! That’s 500 times that someone has read about God’s power, love, mercy, and grace. And it’s all thanks to you guys! So here’s what you have to do. Just comment down below, on my FB professional page, on Instagram, or comment on one of my blogs and you willContinue reading “GIVEAWAY TIME!”


After many weeks of quarantine, I think we’ve all been experiencing a little cabin fever. We’re ready to dine at a restaurant, go shopping, spend time with friends, and take a family vacation. But we’re stuck. We go to bed after another day of equivalent fractions, messy meals, and stopping fights between children, only toContinue reading “Trapped”

2020 Without 20/20

COVID-19. No one saw this coming. 2019 had a lot of hardships for many people. I dealt with two cancer scares, my parents almost died in a terrible car accident, my dad almost died from a clot in his lung, and I had to have an unexpected cardiac work-up. Granted, all is well but 2019Continue reading “2020 Without 20/20”

“How long?”

One of the most common questions I am asked is, “How long?” “How long do I need to take my blood pressure medicine?” “How long until I start feeling better?” “How long does it take until the medicine kicks in?” “How long?” The answer to this question is variable. It is dependent on the patient,Continue reading ““How long?””

New Times, Same Easter

Our world feels different. We’re isolated from loved ones. We’re trying to simultaneously work from home and parent our kids. Healthcare workers are conserving cleaning supplies and praying for more protective gear. COVID-19 did that. It came for us all. Nothing will ever be the same. Except Easter. We may not be able to goContinue reading “New Times, Same Easter”

A COVID-19 Prayer

I awoke today without rest. My thoughts sprinted back to work. Did we disinfect properly? How many masks, gloves, wipes, and face shields do we have left? Are we safe working outside and seeing patients in their cars? Did I spray enough Lysol all over my jacket when the patient coughed on me? The COVID19Continue reading “A COVID-19 Prayer”