Meet the Blogger: Kristina Polley

Kristina Polley is a Physician Assistant, blogger, writer, aspiring author, wife, mother, and follower of Christ. A graduate from Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC, she has been practicing Family Medicine since January of 2015. She currently works at a federally funded clinic that focuses on the underserved, rural population of Fayetteville. Kristina grew up asContinue reading “Meet the Blogger: Kristina Polley”

Strength in Weakness

The tricky part about practicing medicine is that most people think of actual medicine when we talk about going to the doctor’s office. We tend to think linearly when we’re considering the provider-patient relationship. Someone may go into the doctor’s office for knee pain and leave with an x-ray order and a prescription for someContinue reading “Strength in Weakness”