Coronavirus: The Panic

As new cases of COVID-19 continue to emerge in numerous counties in NC, toilet paper and bottled water have now become a rare commodity. A once abundant product is now a prized possession. Some schools have shut down their campuses and engaged in distance online learning. Others are preparing for that inevitability. Travel and cruising are not longer desirable. As “social distancing” becomes the new norm, “social panic” has become the norm as well.

Where are the healthcare workers? The doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners? At work. Because in times of panic, we have been trained to act. Because in times of a healthcare crisis, we strive to create solutions and heal those who are suffering.

So, we hide our stock of hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks and enter each exam room as if it’s another day in the office. We introduce ourselves, shake hands, ask questions, complete a physical exam, and wash our hands again. We answer the “social panic” questions from our patients: “Should I be worried? What do I need to do? What if I’m infected? Is there a pill I can take to prevent it? Or a shot to prevent it?” We smile and educate our patients on the high survival rate and encourage some “social distancing” per CDC guidelines.

But where is God in all of this? The same place when H1N1 killed thousands of people. The same place when hurricane Matthew devastated NC. The same place He’s always been: Everywhere. Because in times of panic, He is in control. There is no panic for God. He was there when approximately 36,000 COVID-19 patients were discharged from a hospital in China recently. And he was there some of the doctors died from treating patients with this virus. And he’s here now, in NC, as schools shut down and the costs of N95 masks skyrocket. He was, He is, and He is to come.

As a physician assistant, please was your hands and face frequently.

As a child of God, please seek God as your comfort and cleanse your hearts of panic.

For any further information about the Coronavirus, please see the CDC website.

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