New Year, New You!

I asked my daughter a question the other day, anticipating a somewhat vague, generic answer. I asked her, “Can people change?” And she said, “Do you mean mentally, physically, or spiritually?” I found myself surprised and impressed with her response. I said, “Let’s start with mentally and spiritually.” Then she answered, “Yes. But they haveContinue reading “New Year, New You!”

2020 Without 20/20

COVID-19. No one saw this coming. 2019 had a lot of hardships for many people. I dealt with two cancer scares, my parents almost died in a terrible car accident, my dad almost died from a clot in his lung, and I had to have an unexpected cardiac work-up. Granted, all is well but 2019Continue reading “2020 Without 20/20”

Strength in Weakness

The tricky part about practicing medicine is that most people think of actual medicine when we talk about going to the doctor’s office. We tend to think linearly when we’re considering the provider-patient relationship. Someone may go into the doctor’s office for knee pain and leave with an x-ray order and a prescription for someContinue reading “Strength in Weakness”