The Sad Man

“Sir, do you mind if I mention something that I’ve noticed about you?” He simply nodded. “You don’t say much when you come in. Your diabetes is uncontrolled. Your blood pressure is always elevated. You don’t take your medicines. You only nod whenever I make suggestions. You’re very quiet and you don’t seem interested inContinue reading “The Sad Man”

The Promises of Medicine

Part of practicing family medicine is providing patient education. I have to be able to explain diagnoses and treatments and answer patient questions. A great example is when I diagnose overactive or under-active thyroid disorders (hyper or hypothyroidism). “Will I have to take this medication forever?” I’m often asked. “Yes.” “Will the medication work?” IsContinue reading “The Promises of Medicine”


“That was a great mock interview!” I smiled and held back a childish squeal of excitement. “But you’ll never make it to medical school.” “What?” My smile slowly curled downwards. “You’ll never make it. You’re not good enough. You’re only a B student and there’s nothing on your current college transcript that says you shouldContinue reading “Forgiveness”

Chronic Pain and Healing

Pain. It’s a very common complaint that I hear from patients multiple times per day. Sometimes it’s very specific pain, such as lower back pain, right shoulder pain, knee pain, etc. This type of pain usually directly correlates to arthritis or a fracture. But sometimes, it’s pain “everywhere”. They feel it in all of theirContinue reading “Chronic Pain and Healing”

Skin Deep

“I’m sorry.” “For what?” I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion. “I’ve gained so much weight and I haven’t been taking my medicine these past three months.” My patient said. “Ma’am. You NEVER have to apologize to me for your health.” It was her turn to scrunch her eyebrows. “You just lost your daughter to cancer.Continue reading “Skin Deep”


I am a full-time Physician Assistant (PA). For patients who aren’t familiar with me, they often ask, “Who are you?” I then go into my monotonous mini-speech on how PAs can diagnose, manage, and provide continuity of care for all medical conditions. I then continue on about how we can order labs, prescribe medication, interpretContinue reading “Identity”

A Healthy Heart

There are a few tips that I give to my patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, and/or other heart conditions. Reduce your salt intake. Nowadays, most people are good with the salt shaker. But now, we have “hidden salt”. It’s the salt that sneaks up on my patients. It’s the one found in cannedContinue reading “A Healthy Heart”

COVID-19 Update

Hello everyone! I pray that everyone is staying safe during the pandemic! I have a few updates and this is, of course, from the perspective of a family medicine provider, your neighborhood friendly PA. Symptoms of COVID-19 have expanded a bit. Fever, sore throat, cough, muscle pain, and shortness of breath are still the staplesContinue reading “COVID-19 Update”

The Faith of a Child

Have you ever tried to drive in a downpour of rain? There was a day when my parents were driving and I was in the backseat of their truck. I don’t recall where we were going and what we did that day, but I remember the rain. I remember the thudding sound of the highContinue reading “The Faith of a Child”