Prayer Works

“ Your diabetes is very uncontrolled.” I looked at this sweet elderly patient of mine.

“ I’m not worried about it. God‘s got me.” The patient smiled and looked me squarely in the eyes.

“ I agree that God has you but maybe He put me in your life to help with your medical needs.”

“And maybe He put me in your life to tell you that I will pray about this and in three months, my A1C will drop. I have faith.”

Yes, I am a devout Christian. Yes, I am a Physician Assistant.

And I doubted. I doubted because I know the typical diet of most North Carolinians and it’s not diabetic-friendly. I doubted because this particular A1C level put this patient’s life in danger. I doubted because I wanted to helpful by prescribing medication.

I simply doubted.

“OK, it’s been three months and you are due for bloodwork. Let’s get your A1C and see if your diabetes has gotten any better.” I shrugged my shoulders.

And for the first time in my career, this patient lifted their hands in the air, closed their eyes, and said, “God, you are the God who cures. I will not claim diabetes. I claim a cure instead.”

I froze. Sitting on my little cream colored stool, I simply froze. Astonished. Curious. Delighted.

One simple action. One simple reach towards the ceiling. A few simple words. And they knew the uncontrolled diabetes was no longer there.

One prayer. In my exam room. Without hesitation. Without boundaries. Without embarrassment. Simple, effective, devout faith.

And when I got their lab result the next day, there it was.

A controlled A1C.

Prayer works. I’ve seen it. This is only one small example. I have many others. And I’d like to spend the next few blogs proving it to you.

What do you need to pray about?

Who do you need to pray for?

Right here, right now, without hesitation, without boundaries, and without embarrassment. Lift your hands, close your eyes, and pray.

Because it works.

Let me pray for you today.

“ God, we have so many needs in this world today. We have people who are fighting for their lives. We have people who are fighting for their mental health. We have people who are fighting for their emotional lives and their relationships with other people. God, we have needs. But we are reminded that you are a God who supplies every need before we even knew that we needed them. And we are here today, to close our eyes, to lift our hands, and to reach to the heavens. Because we know, that you will reach down and meet us. God, we pray to thank you, we pray to ask things of you, and we pray so that the floodgates of blessings will rain down upon us. May every person who reads this blog be healed in anyway that is needed. Amen.”

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