Chronic Pain and Healing

Pain. It’s a very common complaint that I hear from patients multiple times per day.

Sometimes it’s very specific pain, such as lower back pain, right shoulder pain, knee pain, etc. This type of pain usually directly correlates to arthritis or a fracture.

But sometimes, it’s pain “everywhere”. They feel it in all of their joints and throughout their whole body. As a medical provider, where do I begin?

Bloodwork. My favorite thing to order. Why? Because it’s definitive. It’s tangible. It gives answers. And if it doesn’t give a direct answer, it narrows down the possibilities.

I’ve had patients crying in exam rooms from their pain that no one seems to figure out. They’re prescribed anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, nerve pain medications, and even hydrocodone at various doctor’s offices but nothing has seemed to work thus far.

As my patients cry in the exam room, I patiently listen to their stories. They feel so defeated. Helpless. Sometimes they feel like they’re going crazy.

So I order bloodwork.

CBC w/differential (looking for infection)

TSH, T4, T3 (thyroid studies)

Lupus Panel, ANA

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sedimentation Rate, C-Reactive Protein (looking for an autoimmune arthritis vs possible osteoarthritis)

Uric Acid (looking for gout)

Vitamin D

I have found Rheumatoid Arthritis in older patients who have spent their whole lives simply dealing with their pain, which would then later become debilitating.

I have found gout in many patients and once they started medication and stopped their intake of red meat and alcohol, they feel much better.

I have also found Vitamin D deficiency. Yep. Vitamin D deficiency. A low Vitamin D can cause very deep, aching pain in all the joints of the body. It can also cause severe fatigue and depression. And low levels in women can put them at risk for Osteoporosis in life because Vitamin D is directly correlated with Calcium, which is important for bone strength.

Once these patients are given an answer to their life-long pain, they are filled with so much joy and hope! So much joy that sometimes they cry, shout, and/or thank me numerous times.

They begin to feel like they’re getting their lives back when the prescribed medications start to help. They can walk in the park again, play with their kids outside, or even get back into their old exercise hobbies.

And improving their quality of life is why I went into medicine. Medical providers understand that we can’t cheat death. We just simply want to provide a healthy, high quality of life for our patients.

Jesus is a healer.

A woman who bled for 12 years came up behind Jesus just to touch the edge of his cloak. Why? Because she knew that he was a healer and that touching a very small piece of his cloak held enough power to heal her whole body. See Matthew 9:20-22

A centurion believed that his servant would be healed simply by Jesus speaking about his healing. This man’s faith in Jesus as a healer was so great that he told Jesus that going to the servant, seeing the servant, and touching the servant was not necessary. That if Jesus would simply speak about his healing, then he would be healed. See Matthew 8:5-13

Wow. Just wow.

As your neighborhood friendly online PA, I’m telling you to go to the doctor for your pain. Don’t deal with it. You deserve better. You deserve a good quality of life that allows you to spend time with your family and enjoy the things around you.

As your neighborhood friendly online Christian blogger, pray to Jesus for the healing of your physical pain. Close your eyes and imagine reaching for the edge of his cloak…for a simply grasp of linen in between your fingertips. Then imagine Jesus claiming healing over your body.

Jesus told the centurion, “Go! Let it be done just as you believed it would.”

Believe that there is a medical answer to your pain. And believe that there is a healer who can overcome it for you.

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