“How long?”

One of the most common questions I am asked is, “How long?”

“How long do I need to take my blood pressure medicine?”

“How long until I start feeling better?”

“How long does it take until the medicine kicks in?”

“How long?” The answer to this question is variable. It is dependent on the patient, their motivation, their compliance, family history, weight, diet, exercise, ethnicity, other co-morbidities, etc.

Some patient’s blood pressure return to normal simply with one new medication. Others may take 3 medications and a consult with Cardiology.

Some patients begin feeling better the minute their sugars get under control. Other patients feel the same, despite better sugar readings. And some patients feel worse because of the side effects of their medicines.

So, how long…?

I don’t know.

But God does.

He knows how and when my patients will feel better. Yes, I went to school to practice medicine and I have a nice piece of paper on my office wall that says I’m qualified to do so. But I’m merely an instrument in His plan. When I don’t know an answer, I check my resources and…believe it or not…pray that I find the right answer or a clue on how to get to the right answer.

Now I’m asked, “How long will the coronavirus hang around?”

I don’t know.

But God does.

God knows how long COVID-19 will infiltrate the Earth. He knows how and when the cure and vaccine will be created.

Healthcare workers cry, “How long before we get more masks?”

Parents cry, “How long before these kids go back to school?”

And family members cry, “How long before my loved one recovers from COVID-19?”

The enslaved Israelites cried for 400 years before Moses saved them. David cried aloud while being hunted. And Sarah cried about her infertility until she was able to conceive at an old age.

As we cry out loud for a end to a seemingly unending pandemic, we should turn our eyes upward, lift our hands up towards the heavens, and cry out to the one who can answer the question, “How long?”

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, saith the Lord God, who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” Revelation 1:8 ASV.

The Lord God is the first and the last. He was there at the beginning and will surely be there after the pandemic ends.

I challenge you to bring your “how long” questions to God in prayer. He’ll have the answers.

My prayer for today: Lord heavenly father, it seems that each day gets longer. An 8 hour work shift feels like a double shift. We watch as the COVID-19 case numbers increase and our supplies decrease. Homeschooling days feel like all-nighters. And Lord, we cry, “how long?” because we’re tired and in need of hope. But may we be reminded that you are in control of it all, even time. May we be given the strength of David against our present Goliath. And may we always fix our gaze upon you for peace during our seemingly endless pandemic. Amen.

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