COVID-19 Routine

What is your daily routine during the quarantine?

If you’re at home (I pray that you are), do you set an alarm to wake up? Do you eat your meals around the same time everyday? What about schoolwork? Do you have set times for reading, writing, math, physical activity, etc?

On the weekends, do you take on big projects, like organizing the garage or plant flowers for your garden?

I hope so! I pray that your new routine is a happy one. I pray that although your old routine was abruptly thrown out the window due to COVID-19, your new routine is filled with excitement, adventure, and plenty of rest.

If you’re an essential worker, what is your routine?

I know that you have an alarm set everyday.

I know that you pack a lunch because you may only get to snack in between patients.

I know that you have to mentally prepare yourself for the chaos that will bustle through the entrance.

I know your routine. You no longer have one.

When medical providers have to watch numerous patients die everyday from COVID-19, any hope for a routine dies.

When medical providers have to physically fight off their patients who try and loot their supplies, any hope for a routine dies.

When medical providers have to quarantine themselves from their children and say goodnight on FaceTime, any hope for a routine dies.

I know your routine. You no longer have one.

But do you know who else had a routine? Matthew. Paul. Peter. John. And a few others. 12, to be exact.

A tax collector spent his days collecting more money than he should have. Then came Jesus.

Fishermen spent their days on sea, fishing. Then came Jesus.

A Pharisee hunted and killed Christians. Then came Jesus.

Their routine was interrupted and altered. Then their new routine was magnified with all of God’s glory.

If your routine has changed, turn to Jesus. If your routine no longer exists, turn to Jesus.

I am determined that when Jesus causes you to turn left, no matter how difficult, dangerous, or uncomfortable, embrace it. Embrace Him. Embrace the fact that despite the devastation of COVID-19, Jesus will calm the storm like he did thousands of years ago.

He made all 12 disciples turn left and it not only changed their lives, but it changed the lives of everyone forever. COVID-19 has changed our world forever. Embrace the new routine, or lack thereof, because our God is a God that knows only triumph. Embrace the chaos because our God promises that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

The world has made a hard left, on a new path of uncertainty and insecurity. But God is already on this path, ahead of us. And He knows the ending of this pandemic.

I pray that your new routine is beautiful, exciting, adventurous, but full of rest. And if it isn’t, maybe you’re not quite done making that left turn. Hang tight. Wear your seatbelt. Brace yourself. And remember that God will meet you wherever you are. You just have to turn towards him.

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