A COVID-19 Prayer

I awoke today without rest. My thoughts sprinted back to work. Did we disinfect properly? How many masks, gloves, wipes, and face shields do we have left? Are we safe working outside and seeing patients in their cars? Did I spray enough Lysol all over my jacket when the patient coughed on me?

The COVID19 numbers are exponentially rising in our area, with projections stating it will be at its worst at the beginning of May. So what now? Are we prepared as a community? Are we prepared as healthcare providers to help our community?

Today, I decided that instead of trying to stand tall and carry this burden on my shoulders, I decided to get on my knees and lay them down at the cross.

So, here’s what I prayed for:

God, I have a long list of prayers and requests for you today. But let me start off by thanking you.

I thank you for being with all of us during this pandemic. I thank you for keeping me and my family safe and healthy thus far. I thank you for allowing me and my staff to help our community during a time of despair, illness, and fear. And I thank you for being the alpha and the omega. The first and the last. And the one who is in control.

God, I pray for everyone in the medical field. For every hand that is involved in medical care for patients, I pray that they continue to work safely and effectively in accordance to your will and purpose.

God, I pray for everyone quarantined in their homes. May you bring joy, laughter, and peace to every household despite the grief, tears, and fear that is looming outside.

God, I pray for those who have died from COVID-19. May they and their families find rest.

God, I pray for those who are currently infected. I pray that you hold them, speak to them, comfort them, and heal them.

God, I pray for a shield of protection and an end to this pandemic, as you are the only one that can provide this.

And God…I pray for our hearts. I pray that our hearts are filled with you. Empty us of everything COVID-19 and fill us up with your power, grace, mercy, peace, and love.

Remind us that you are the God who can stop a storm with your voice. Remind us that you are the God who brings people back from the dead. Remind us that you sent your son Jesus Christ to die for our sins and bring us closer to you. Remind us that YOU alone are God. The alpha and the omega. The first and the last. The one who is in control.


If anyone is in need of counseling services and/or prayers, free of charge, during this pandemic, please visit www.donscounselingservices.com

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