Quarantine Survival

Quarantine. Just a few weeks ago, some of us dreamed of our own private quarantine in paradise. A dream of isolation, peace, sunshine, the sound of crashing waves, and a good book.

Now, quarantine has transformed into isolation for an unknown period of time. A time period without pay, without proper education, and spreading illness. Quarantine and fear now go hand in hand. Questions of survival, peace, financial stability, and good health float around in our brains daily. Maybe even hourly.

How do we survive?

Together. We survive together. What an oxymoron during a quarantine, right?

As I lift my mask over my mouth, pull down the plastic face shield over my eyes, and sport gloves, who do I think of? Everyone. I think of my patients as I approach them in the parking lot for “curbside medicine”. I think of my family and reducing exposure to them. And I think of my employees. I think of their paychecks, their families, and their fear of this illness. I survive by thinking of others.

Often times, I have replayed the image Christ carrying his cross to his crucifixion. After being beaten and ridiculed, how in the world did he survive all those excruciating steps while carrying a cross larger than Him? Because he thought of us. All of us. He thought of our well being and our eternal lives. And that helped him take one step at a time, despite the weight on his shoulders.

And at this moment, he is also thinking of our paychecks, our health, and our fears.

Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. Any branch cut off of the vine will not produce much of anything (John 15:5). As Christians, this scripture is as important now as when it was said thousands of years ago. Let us rely on our vine to flourish.

Let us survive together.

My prayer for you: Lord heavenly father, as we home-school our kids, let us remember that our strength comes from you. As we live in fear of the spreading of COVID-19, let us remember that “no weapon formed against me shall prosper” from the book of Isaiah. And as those in the healthcare field take care of patients, may you protect them, guide them, and let their light shine so that each and every patient sees the glory and the love of God. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Quarantine Survival

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  2. Trinity

    Wow! This blog truly blessed me. The perspective of thinking of others while going through this virus/quarantine is definitely the heart of Jesus who we are striving to be like everyday. Thank you for sharing!

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